A week of symfony #238 (18->24 July 2011)

今週のSymfony2は2つのリリース候補版をリリースしました。これらのリリースには前回のバージョンから数えて数百ものコミットを含んでいます。加えて、最終的なSymfony 2.0安定版のリリース日が7/28(木)とアナウンスされました


symfony 1 開発ハイライト


  • r32807, r32808: [1.4] choice widgetsの為にparentを修正

Symfony2 開発ハイライト


  • 872d308: [DoctrineBundle] allowed to configure dql functions without using the multiple entity mangers syntax
  • bb452cd: [Form] renamed invalid_message_template to invalid_message to be consistent with other error message names
  • 8fc9547: [FrameworkBundle] fixed session support in functional tests when using several clients in the same process
  • e2eb601: [FrameworkBundle] fixed absolute paths to the cache directory after running cache:clear
  • f6c5ef7, c3a060e: [DependencyInjection] added processConfiguration convenience method
  • 5d17b92: [DoctrineBridge] optimized the mapping drivers
  • 95011ce: [HttpFoundation] fixed creation of requests without a path
  • 1454d61, dafa4d2: [FrameworkBundle] made a huge speed optimization for functional tests
  • 9e7cb0a: [Routing] fixed default value for Routes as they can be anything if they don't need to be used as default values for placeholders
  • d3a69e3: [DoctrineBundle] renamed RegistryInterface::getEntityManagerForObject() to getEntityManagerForClass()
  • 7dcbcbe, 7720cb9, 5c06b3c, b36c002, 97cb35b: tagged public @api for HttpFoundation, HttpKernel, Templating, Validator, DependencyInjection
  • 8333df6: fixed autoloader when tests are run without intl installed
  • e5fa78a, e42a2de: fixed Form and Validator unit tests when intl is not installed
  • 3a285c1: [HttpKernel] fixed handling of null-values in attribute- and query-arrays (when esi is enabled and internal uris are generated for esi-tags, an attribute-array consisting entirely of null-values isn't handled correctly)
  • 0327beb: [Form] added ObjectFactoryListener
  • 3749ad4: moved the Exception listener from FrameworkBundle to TwigBundle as it relies on Twig being enabled
  • 7062cc2, ccda267, e776d5d, 6b0a9ff: fixed compiled classes and tweaked compiled class cache
  • cede13e: [FrameworkBundle] moved the SessionListener to the session.xml configuration file
  • 84abbbd: [HttpKernel] enhanced the ExceptionHandler so that it can be used in prod environment too (mainly useful for Silex)
  • 2b4cc9b: [Form] changed collection prototype rendering
  • c6115ce: [BrowserKit] changed Cookie::fromString() to not take the secure setting into account if the URL is not present or is not HTTPS
  • cc07af2: [ClassLoader] replaced MapFileClassLoader by MapClassLoader
  • e16c226: [HttpKernel] changed the way compiled classes are managed to be sure that they are included before the Kernel is booted
  • eb7c86b: [HttpKernel] removed the need to keep the compiled classes in the container


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