A week of symfony #250 (10->16 October 2011)

先週、すべての Symfony2 コンポーネントが Composer のパブリックリポジトリである packagist.org に登録されました。Composer はパッケージマネージャで、もうすぐ Symfony2 で使えるようになります。 また、Symfony2 リポジトリの master ブランチで、HttpKernel のイベントリスナーが EventSubscriberInterface を実装するように修正されました。 公式リポジトリは、フォーク数が 800 を超えました。


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Master branch changelog:

  • 8f15794: moved LocaleListener and RouterListener to the HttpKernel component
  • 4539e5c: moved configuration of the default HTTP and HTTPS ports from RouterListener to RequestContext
  • beda03b, 7a89d34: [HttpKernel] updated all HttpKernel event listeners to implement EventSubscriberInterface
  • 6e4269f, 3aa7582, a2cf023: [Form, TwigBridge, FrameworkBundle] added the ability to specify the translation domain
  • 73312ab: [Validator] the Type constraint now accepts the Boolean type instead of boolean
  • cc76da1: [HttpKernel] fixed file profile storage when trying to read an empty token
  • 5b69dae: [HttpKernel] fixed profiler file storage for children
  • 3ca1ccb: [DoctrineBridge] removed the Xml and Yaml driver as they are now part of Doctrine
  • 976f8b1: [HttpKernel] moved the Timer data collector to HttpKernel
  • 08285ed: [SwiftmailerBundle] fixed email display in the web profiler when the message is not in UTF-8

2.0 branch changelog:

  • 2270a4d: [Bridge, Doctrine] added a catch for when a developer uses the EntityType with multiple=false but on a hasMany relationship
  • 00cbd39, d8dfca2: [BrowserKit] fixed cookie expiry discard when attribute contains capitals
  • 9d8046e: [Doctrine] UniqueValidator now works with associations


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