A week of symfony #255 (14->20 November 2011)

先週、重要なセキュリティフィックスが含まれる Symfony 2.0.6 がリリースされました。 一方、公式 Symfony コミュニティは最初の1週間でメンバーの数が 1000 を越え、さまざまな改善も行われました。


symfony 1 開発ハイライト


  • r33208: [1.4] fixed ob_start usage (to avoid warning in PHP 5.4)
  • r33214: [1.4] fixed ob_start() behavior on CLI

Symfony2 開発ハイライト

2.0 ブランチ:

  • 0462a89: [Security] fixed HttpUtils::checkRequestPath() to not catch all exceptions
  • d67fbe9: [HttpFoundation] added an exception to MimeTypeGuesser::guess() when no guesser are available
  • f7c5bf1: [HttpKernel] fixed Content-Length header when using ESI tags
  • 86a8b9f: allow vendors checkout transport method to be overridden manually (http, https, git)
  • 79ae3fc: [Form] fixed radio and checkbox when data is not bool

master ブランチ:

  • 6d7e6a8: [DoctrineBundle] enhanced error reporting during mapping validation when nested exceptions occur
  • 62fb019: added event priorities in the profiler
  • 43e6c36: [FrameworkBundle] changed the session listeners to be subscribers
  • 264a033: fixed uncompatible closure declaraction in FileldTypeValidatorExtensionTest
  • e3655f3: changed priorities for kernel.request listeners (the Firewall is now executed after the Router)
  • 5e4b7cb: renamed Propel Bridge from Propel to Propel1


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