A week of symfony #249 (3->9 October 2011)

Symfony2 の更新は速いペースを維持しており、先週 Symfony 2.0.4 がリリースされました。 また、独立した Symfony2 のコードのセキュリティ監査 と Twig のコードのセキュリティ監査の結果が公開されました。 最後に、これはとても重要なことですが、後方互換性のない変更が master ブランチにコミットされました。ロケール管理が Session クラスから Request クラスへ移動されました 詳細はこちら


symfony 1 開発ハイライト


  • r33121: [1.4] fixed protocol relative URL in the asset helper
  • r33122: [1.4] fixed include|get_component when sfPartialView class is customized
  • r33125: [1.4] fixed the possibility to include files included in an exclude rule in the deploy task


  • r33123: [1.4] fixed virtual columns in sfFormFilterDoctrine

Symfony2 開発ハイライト

2.0 branch:

  • cf4a91e: [ClassLoader] fixed usage of trait_exists()
  • 92d1906: [Translation] changed some unit tests for PHPUnit 3.6.0 compatibility
  • 828b18f: [Form] fixed lacking attributes in DateTimeType
  • a74ae9d: [HttpFoundation] made X_REWRITE_URL only available on Windows platforms
  • 95049ef: [Form] added type check to ScalarToChoiceTransformer
  • 18a83c6: [Form] simplified a bit FormUtil and extended test coverage
  • ae0685a: [Translation] loader should only load local files

Master branch:

  • 6b16757: [Security] changed a RuntimeException to LogicException for consistencies between the different Token classes
  • 3f567b8: [FrameworkBundle] moved a parameter in the same file as the one where the service is defined for better consistency
  • d7c9644: [Validator] extend and fix DateValidator & TimeValidator tests
  • deb6dea: [Translation] added failing tests to verify that UTF-8 lang files can't be used with another charset
  • 5473d3b: [Translation] allowed use of UTF-8 encoded catalogues into non-UTF-8 applications
  • 395f580: rebuilt resource files with genrb from ICU 4.2. as ICU 4.4 by default builds them in newer format
  • 8b55541: added an UPGRADE file
  • 74bc699: [BC BREAK] moved management of the locale from the Session class to the Request class


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