A week of symfony #246 (12->18 September 2011)

先週、Symfony 1.4.14 がリリースされました。このリリースでは、Symfonyコミュニティから提案された複数の改善と修正が行われています。また、Symfony2 公式リポジトリ のウォッチャーの数が 3,000 を越えました。


symfony 1 開発ハイライト


  • r33021: [1.4] fixed sfCacheSessionStorage does not serialize properly, also uses wrong option name for httponly
  • r33022: [1.4] fixed auto_link_text() when an email address is already linked
  • r33025: [1.4] fixed sfCacheSessionStorage does not always check whether HTTP_USER_AGENT is set
  • r33026: [1.4] made sfCacheSessionStorage class code faster
  • Milestone 1.4.14 completed

Symfony2 開発ハイライト


  • aecfd0a: [HttpFoundation] support user and password in url
  • e6e5146: [Translation] now support ResourceBundle
  • cfc202b, 27dcc18: bumped versions of Twig and Swiftmailer
  • 73c8d2b: [Form] fixed error bubbling for Date and Time types when rendering as multiple choices
  • 53b4cd8: [FrameworkBundle] made code more robust
  • 400159d, fabec37: [FrameworkBundle] made DIC placeholders replacement in route defaults only when the parameter exists in the container
  • f9ecdfe: [FrameworkBundle] added sc parameters replacement in route requirements
  • c5e0c80: [HttpFoundation] made FileBinaryMimeTypeGuesser command configurable
  • c985ffa: [Translation] fixed message selector when the message is empty
  • c50a3a1: [Translation] fixed transchoice when used with a fallback
  • 79710ed, 9ffd8ca: [Translation] added a MessageCatalogue::defines() method to check if a string has a translation (but without taking into account the fallback mechanism)
  • 5526072: [Translation] added support for more than one fallback locale
  • 9fb15c7: [Process] workaround a faulty implementation of is_executable on Windows
  • 43b55ef: [Locale] added support for yy format in StubIntlDateFormatter
  • bede420: [Config] fixed FileResource usage of is_file (we must use file_exists here as the resource can be a file or a directory)
  • 046a125: [FrameworkBundle] set the file storage as default storage for Symfony2
  • 0826d1c: [WebProfilerBundle] added a way to filter logs by priority


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