A week of symfony #248 (26 September -> 2 October 2011)

先週、Symfony2 に新しいcomposer コンポーネントの最初のコミットが投稿されました。このコンポーネントは、Symfony プロジェクトへのバンドルのインストールをとても手軽にするパッケージマネージャです。また、parameters.ini コンフィギュレーションファイルは parameters.yml に変更されました。pull request前のチェックリストが公開され、Twig のドキュメントが大幅に改善されました。


Symfony2 開発ハイライト

Master branch:

  • a57a4af: [DomCrawler] added a way to get parsing errors for Crawler::addHtmlContent() and Crawler::addXmlContent() via libxml functions
  • 258a1fd: moved makePathRelative to Filesystem
  • bfb99bf: [FrameworkBundle] added a --relative option to assets:install
  • 0f7bf41: [Console] detect if interactive mode is possible at all
  • b9ba117, ee0fe7a: [Validator] added a SizeLength validator
  • d6c4bfb, ee0fe7a: [Validator] added a Size validator
  • 8b240d4: implementation of kernel.event_subscriber tag for services
  • 1467bdb: [Routing] added RouterInterface::getRouteCollection()

2.0.x branch:

  • ed02aa9: [Console] fixed list 'namespace' command display all available commands
  • 72e82eb: [Serializer] replaced deprecated key_exists alias
  • 9ade639, d535afe, 731b28b: [composer] added composer.json
  • d6b915a, 369f181: [FrameworkBundle] added request scope to assets helper only if needed
  • c13b4e2: fixed fallback catalogue mechanism in Framework bundle
  • 2db24c2: removed time limit for the vendors script
  • 1e7e6ba: [HttpFoundation] removed the possibility for a cookie path to set it to null (as this is equivalent to /)
  • 1284681, b402835: [BrowserKit, HttpFoundation] standardized cookie paths (an empty path is equivalent to /)
  • 17af138: fixed usage of LIBXML_COMPACT as it is not always available
  • d429594: removed separator of choice widget when the separator is null
  • 600b8ef: [Validator] added support for grapheme_strlen when mbstring is not installed but intl is installed
  • e70c884: [Bridge/Monolog] fixed WebProcessor to accept a Request object
  • 5c8a2fb: [Routing] fixed route overriden mechanism when using embedded collections


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