A week of symfony #251 (17->23 October 2011)

先週、Symfony2 にはコードのプロファイリングを行うための ストップウォッチ が追加されました。 また、このストップウォッチの機能を使い、Web プロファイラーに タイムラインパネル が追加されました。 これらの新機能は、Symfony Day 2011 カンファレンスで発表されました。


Symfony2 開発ハイライト

master ブランチ:

  • 97d6591: [WebProfilerBundle] tweaked the default layout to make more room for interesting content
  • 347053c: moved most of the logic from ResponseListener to the Response::prepare() method (this allows projects that only use HttpFoundation and not HttpKernel to be able to enforce the HTTP specification rules)
  • 312b20f: [FrameworkBundle] added more info to debug command output
  • fbc422b: [BrowserKit] added the standard output when an error occurs during the request execution
  • 106ebdb: [HttpKernel] added a Stopwatch
  • 842ac36: added Stopwatch support in debug mode, added a timeline representing the stopwatch events in the web profiler
  • c5ca40c: [Routing] added support for _scheme requirement in UrlMatcher
  • 46a69f1, ad7fcf5: define a WarmableInterface and only warm the cache if it implements warmable to allow replacing the core router
  • 3134ef1: [HttpKernel] removed usage of assertCount which has been introduced in PHPUnit 3.6
  • 2e1344e: [Routing] added the possibility to define default values and requirements for placeholders in prefix

2.0 ブランチ:

  • e81c710, 1a43505: [FrameworkBundle] increased the priority of the profiler request listener
  • HttpKer: check if cache_warmer service is available before doing the actual cache warmup


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