A week of symfony #239 (25->31 July 2011)

Symfony 2.0.0バージョンがついに今週リリースされました, 18ヶ月前に始まった素晴らしい旅の終わりを示しています。このリリースはまた、Symfonyプロジェクトの輝かしい未来とその生態系の拡大が始まったことを示しています。


symfony 1 開発ハイライト


  • r32835: [1.4] fixed when the renderer does not have the translate_choices option (see sfFormExtraPlugin for some examples)
  • r32836: [1.4] fixed guessFromFileBinary in class sfvalidatorFile does not support MIME type including dot

Symfony2 開発ハイライト


  • 5219f81: use the $status parameter instead of fixed value when creating a RedirectResponse
  • 0b3ff39: fix supported cookie date formats
  • c53c169: added a CONTRIBUTORS file
  • 3ea31a0, 85c0087: [TwigBridge] made the locale configurable for the trans and transchoice filters
  • 04ac1fd: [Routing] changed UrlGeneratorInterface::generate() signature to allow passing objects instead of arrays
  • 853935f: [HttpFoundation] made PHP_AUTH_PW optional
  • c558b78: avoid rendering the ChoiceType separator if all choices are preferred_choices
  • 07298ac: [Console] changed back to fgets() in DialogHelper
  • 6773cd7: [Serializer] removed @api since its not yet part of the stable API
  • e16ccaa: [SecurityBundle] added short description and help for the init:acl command
  • ec9c0aa, 08072e4, 41fe826, f2e4d35: harmonized commands documentation by changing ./app/console to php app/console
  • c3ebdbf: prepared Symfony 2.0.0 release


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