A week of symfony #261 (26 December 2011 -> 1 January 2012)

2011年の最後の週には、Symfony 2.0.8 がリリースされ、次期バージョンである Symfony 2.1 で ストリームレスポンス が追加されることなどがアナウンスされました。


Symfony2 開発ハイライト

2.0 ブランチ:

  • e5c44e2, 6aee905, 5b4e619: released 2.0.8 version
  • eb2d6e6: [FrameworkBundle] updated Spanish translations for validators
  • c92d75f, f458e96: [TwigBridge] changed composer.json max version for Twig
  • 85ca8e3, 99011ca: [DependencyInjection] ParameterBag no longer resolves parameters that have spaces (They must be strictly "%some.parameter%" or similar)
  • ced57d8: [Form] reverse transform doesn't take a second argument

master ブランチ:

  • de9d7d8: [FrameworkBundle] updated Italian translations for validators
  • eef8a3c: [FrameworkBundle] changed the implementation of Controller::getUser() to be similar to the one from GlobalVariables::getUser()
  • d12f5b2: [Routing] removed trailing slash support for routes that are not available for GET/HEAD methods (as the redirection will always occurs with a GET/HEAD request)
  • 0038d1b, e44b8ba: [HttpFoundation] added support for streamed responses
  • 473741b: added the possibility to change a StreamedResponse callback after its creation
  • 887c0e9: moved EngineInterface::stream() to a new StreamingEngineInterface to keep BC with 2.0
  • 3ef0594: [HttpKernel] fixed missing $method argument in MongoDbProfilerStorageTest
  • e462f7b: [Templating] simplified PhpEngine as it cannot implements the streaming interface
  • 3d5ecc0: [HttpKernel] added the path info in the request data collector
  • b46114a: [WebProfilerBundle] moved the computation of the Router panel at runtime
  • 66a18f3: [BrowserKit] first attempt at fixing CookieJar


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